In this game you should use the arrow keys to move the tiles in four directions.

If you are playing it on smartphone just swipe the tiles in the needed direction.

Your primary mission is to merge the similar tiles so they can create a new one.

Cupcake 2048 is the remake of the original 2048 game but here instead of tiles with numbers you have to deal with cupcakes.

The game continues until you discover the last tile with the most awesome cupcake (Tile 2048).

If there is no space left on the board to move the tiles, you lose the game and can start it from the beginning.

About Cupcake 2048

Cupcake 2048

Cupcake 2048(some people also call it Cupcakes 2048) is the remake of the extremely popular game 2048 which was created in 2014 year and became the most popular game of that year as well as the following years too. The idea of the game was so simple but at the same time it was so addictive that thousands of people of all ages, all around the world started to play it and compete with each other. Like any other popular games, the 2048 soon became to transform into new verstions, new remakes with some original gameplay and as a result today we have thousands of different variations available. There are even a website where you can create your own version of 2048 with your pictures. In fact, Cupcake 2048 is one of the most famous and awesome remakes of the game featuring a lot of people as the true fans who play it every day. The rules were not changed - you are moving tiles to merge similar ones but instead of numbers you play with cupcakes. When you merge the cupcakes with similar picture, you get a new one. The main mission of the player is to unlock the final tile.

Cupcakes 2048 is available on all devices, including web version, version for smartphones working on Android and Ios platforms. You can download the game as app or play online via browser at our website Cupcake2048.Co for free. We are also planning to add some similar games so stay with us.

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